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1.    No waste container may be supplied, stored, placed or otherwise permitted to stand on any public street, inclusive of footpath, or in any public place without conforming to these conditions.

2.    Applications must be lodged a minimum of 48 hours prior to placement of the waste container on the road reserve.

3.    Placement of a waste container may only happen once written approval has been granted by Council (in the event that approval is granted to the application).

4.    The skip bin/building waste container shall bear the name, address and telephone number of the supplier. In each case, an after-hours telephone number shall also be displayed.

5.    The owner of the skip bin/building waste container or the applicant for the permit shall obtain a certified copy of a current Public Liability Insurance Cover to a minimum value of ten million dollars ($10,000,000.00) with Council’s name adjoined to such policy.

6.    Council accepts no liability or responsibility for loss, damage or accidents that occur on Council’s road reserves as a result of the placement of the waste container.

7.    The size, shape and colour of all building waste containers placed on public streets, should be to the satisfaction of Council.

8.    Each building waste container supplied shall be in good condition and properly cleaned prior to delivery.

9.    Each skip bin/building waste container shall be provided with warning lights or reflectors in accordance with current version of Australian Standard AS1742.3.

10.  Approval to place waste containers within a Works Zone will generally not be given.

11.  Putrescible waste or dangerous or hazardous wastes shall not be placed in any building waste container located on a public street.

12.  The applicant shall be responsible for the removal of any waste deposited in or around the skip bin/building waste container.

13.  The applicant is responsible for any damage done to the road, kerb or footpath or to any landscaping in the road, due to the placement of the skip bin/building waste container.

14.  The supplier shall be responsible and accept responsibility for any damages or injuries which result from debris spilled from the skip bin/building waste container during transport. All containers are to be covered during transit.

15.  The Applicant shall, at all times, keep indemnified Council from and against all actions, suits, proceedings, losses, costs, damages, changes, claims and demands in any way arising out of or by reason of anything done or omitted to be done by the Applicant, in respect of the work in question.

16.  The applicant, at all times for the duration of this Consent, will not interrupt or otherwise disturb the traffic flow on the road, without first obtaining the consent of Council.

17.  Should the applicant fail to comply with any of these conditions or any requirement of Council as provided, then this Consent shall permanently lapse and the skip bin/building waste container shall be removed by the Applicant, or by Council if deemed necessary (with associated costs) and any part of the work remaining within the road at that time shall be deemed to be an obstruction or encroachment under Section 107 of the Roads Act 1993.

18.  Skip bin/building waste containers must not be delivered to either the road reserve or the property site prior to 7:00am Monday to Friday or prior to 8:00am Saturday. Containers must not be delivered to either the road reserve or the property site on a Sunday or a Public Holiday.

19.  The approved Waste Container permit must be held on the job and produced to any officer of Council when called upon.

20.  Council reserves the right to remove or order the removal of any skip bin/building waste container (if not behind a hoarding) despite any approval granted, if such container or the activity associated with it causes a nuisance.

21.  Any person not complying with the conditions of approval shall be in breach of the Local Government Act 1993. A statutory penalty applies.


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