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1.    Application must be lodged a minimum of 2 weeks and ideally 4 weeks prior to the required installation date.

2.    This application does not constitute an approval to proceed with any works.

3.     The relevant fees (application fee, rental charges and deposit) must be paid in full before the Works Zone is established. 

4.    The Works Zone area shall be signposted 'Works Zone' with appropriate hours conforming to the hours of building works stipulated by Council on the relevant development consent. These hours of operation would normally be from 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:00am to 1:00pm on Saturday. Clearways and peak hour parking restrictions must remain in force. Any variation to these times must be approved in advance by the Northern Beaches Council Local Traffic Committee. Unless otherwise signposted, Works Zones will revert to normal parking outside these operating hours.

5.    Occupation of the kerb space may only commence following installation by Council of the Works Zone signs. The installation of the Works Zone signs will be arranged by Council within seven business days after payment is received. However, the approved Works Zone can be used prior to the sign installation by securing the area with traffic cones or other appropriate barricades. You must retain a copy of your approval letter and receipt on site at all times as Council’s Officers may require confirmation of approval during routine inspections.

6.     The applicant must provide safe pedestrian access through the Works Zone area during the hours of operation.

7.    Vehicles parked in a Works Zone shall comply with rule 181 of the Australian Road Rules for a Works Zone: A driver must not stop in a Works Zone unless the driver is driving a vehicle that is either engaged in construction works in or near the Zone; or be permitted to stop in the Works Zone under another law of this jurisdiction. A Works Zone is a length of road to which a Works Zone sign applies.

8.    The Works Zone is subject to approval by Council’s Transport Network Team under delegated authority from the Northern Beaches Council Local Traffic Committee. Any applications which fall on State Roads or which otherwise are considered to potentially have a major impact on traffic may require further approvals. These may include external authorities such as the NSW Police and the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

9.     Goods and materials are not to be stored in Works Zones. A separate permit must be obtained in advance from Council for storage of materials on the nature strip and or footpath. Additional fees apply.

10.  All building waste containers (skip bins) should be located within the construction site boundaries and not in the Works Zone area. Permission to locate a skip bin in the Works Zone area will only be granted in exceptional circumstances where no storage space is available within the site. A separate application will be required to locate a skip bin on a road reserve and relevant fees paid.

11.  The applicant must notify Council in writing at least two weeks in advance of the date upon which the Works Zone expires and would be no longer required. Failure to do so will result in the applicant being held legally liable for the continued Works Zone rental charges for the period of time that it takes to remove the Works Zone.

12.  Applicants wishing to extend the Works Zone must notify Council in writing no less than two weeks in advance of the Works Zone expiry date. Extension of the Works Zone is subject to Council’s consideration and payment of the additional rental fees.

13.  During the full period of construction of the project, the applicant shall be responsible for maintaining all traffic and parking restriction signs associated with the implementation of the Works Zone adjacent to the building site. This includes Works Zone signs and/or other parking restriction signs introduced by Council to facilitate the building works. At no time shall the applicant, builder, or any sub-contractor attempt to remove, add or relocate such signs.

14.  The applicant’s use of the Works Zone is to comply with the requirements of Works Cover Authority of NSW and all other conditions under this application.

15.  Northern Beaches Council reserves the right to cancel the Works Zone and any other kerbside allocation near the building site at any time.

16.  The applicant will be held responsible for injury to any person and/or any property which may occur as result of the occupation of the roadway.                  


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