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Application Search

Council's Application Search can be used to track the progress of applications currently under assessment by Council (Development Application or a Complying Development Certificate), to view past development approvals against a property, or to make a submission on a Development Application.

    Your search - - did not find any applications.

    • Make sure all street names are spelled correctly.
    • When typing street names, do not put the street type e.g. type Smith NOT Smith Street.
    • Application numbers can be typed as 100/2009 or 2009/100

    Application Search Instructions

    Use the field above to search for a specific application number (e.g. DA2019/0123) or alternatively the property address (please ensure no spaces are between unit and house numbers, e.g. 14/21 Smith Street).

    The relevant property address or application number will appear in bold directly under the search field, select this to proceed to the search results.

    Notes: Use Council’s Property Search tool to view specific property details including zoning information, maps and land use permissibility information, land valuation details, lot size and development approvals.

    If the application that you are searching for was lodged prior to 2005, you may need to complete an Informal Request for Information, to receive access to the property files.