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Application Number: DA 1339/1998

New - DA1339/98 Building No 10, fire upgrade of exist Helath Care Buildings
Application Type:
Development Application
Determination Level:

Cost of Work:
$ 300,000
Converted Data

Related Applications:
There are no related applications.

Other Applications
Public Exhibition Document PEX2020/0009
to amend Schedule 1 of the Manly Local Environmental Plan 2013 to allow a range of additional permitted uses on the former Manly Hospital site to facilitate the delivery of a health and well-being precinct (Submitted: 06/11/2020)
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Alterations and Additions to the Psycho Geriatric Unit at Manly Hospital (Submitted: 05/10/2007)
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Extension of Intensive Care Unit of Manly Hospital (Submitted: 17/02/2006)
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Extension wing to Accident & Emergency Department (Submitted: 01/06/2000)
Development Application DA 1338/1998
DA1338/98 Fire Upgrade of Existing Health Care Service (Submitted: 22/12/1998)
Development Application DA 1339/1998
DA1339/98 Building No 10, fire upgrade of exist Helath Care Buildings (Submitted: 22/12/1998)
Section 455 Modifications S96 187/1997
DA0187/97 Change to Cooking Facilities (Submitted: 23/05/1997)
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DA9397/96 Extension to East Wing of Hospital (Submitted: 05/01/1996)
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DA0397/95 Extension & Alterations Toeast Wing of Manly Hosp =469800 (Submitted: 29/12/1995)
Section 455 Modifications S96 472/1994
DA0472/94 Drug & Alchol Rehab (Submitted: 20/10/1994)
Section 455 Modifications S96 409/1994
DA0409/94 2 Microwave Radio Antenna (Submitted: 06/09/1994)
Section 455 Modifications S96 192/1994
DA0192/94 BA 192/94 Emergency Dept Refurbishment (Submitted: 12/05/1994)
Section 455 Modifications S96 477/1993
DA0477/93 Construction of a Residential Unit (Submitted: 21/12/1993)
Development Application DA 5579/1992
DA5579/92 1st FLOOR INTERNAL REFURBISHMENT (Submitted: 01/12/1992)
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DA3506/90 (Submitted: 06/03/1990)